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DC3A N472AF “KG668”

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Douglas C-47A Skytrain “N472AF” History

Niki and Jordan Brown bought and restored a 1944 Douglas C47A, registered in the US as N472AF. Their plane is similar to a 1930’s DC3 airliner. The plane was constructed for the Royal Air Force in the United States at the Douglas Aircraft Company in Oklahoma. During WWII, she first for the RAF and then before Japan surrendered she flew for the RCAF. 

The British designated the Douglas C47A’s a Dakota III and the Brown’s specific airplane was given the identifying number KG668. This historic WWII veteran airplane flew from war torn London beginning the week after D Day and flew to over 100 destinations during and immediately following the war. While KG668 was not a combat aircraft, she carried men and supplies to nearly half the globe, while in harm’s way. This aircraft went to France, Germany, Italy, Malta, North Africa, the Azores, and throughout the China Burma India theatres before the war ended. 

After the war, the Royal Canadian Air Force used the plane to repatriate wounded Allied soldiers from Germany as well as return German POW casualties and humanitarian supplies into Germany. On nearly a daily basis. The RCAF retired this Dakota III from European war service in the summer of 1946. Following her WWII service, KG668 returned to Canada and continued flying for the Royal Canadian Air Force and subsequently the Canadian government. 

Released from government service in the 1970’s, the plane was sold as surplus to the civilian market. The plane has changed hands many times privately. The Browns bought the plane in 2018 and are restoring and flying the Douglas as N472AF. Their hope is to commemorate their airplane’s war service by flying it to aviation venues and sharing it with folks on the ground, as well as in the air.