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History of ZS-NTE. On 24 September 1943, Douglas C47A (DC-3) Serial No. 42-92157, rolled off the production line in Oklahoma City and was delivered to the United States Army Airforce.

It was then delivered to the Royal Airforce under the „lend-lease“ program and transferred to 28 Squadron, South African Airforce in January 1944 as 6873. It served in various SAAF Squadrons until being decommissioned and sold to Mr. Wally Gale, of Aero Rebuilders at Rand Airport 1995.

Captain Flippie Vermeulen bought the aircraft from them in 2002, placed it into storage for the next years. In 2009, he started an extensive rebuild of the aircraft , wich lastet 10 month, into its present pristine condition.

In 2015, the aircraft was sold to Mr. Peter ADRIAN, a German businessman based in Trier, as a keen aviation enthusiast in vintage aircraft, the DC 3 is now based in Zweibrücken Germany (EDRZ). On 19 May 2017 she only has 12.673 Airframe hours. That makes her one of the lowest hour DC-3’s in the World.